1. If you don't have both your Original car keys & your car gets stolen ?

Your Motor claim is denied ,as in case of theft it is mandatory to provide both the keys .

If you have 1 or none it proves that you were careless about the safety of the car .

As soon as you loose one original key , we need to lodge a comlaint to Police & an intimation to the company about the loss.

Get it replaced only from the Manufaturer as soon as possible .

2. If you hold on with your Motor Claims ?

If you hold on your small motor scratches or dents for future bigger impacts , it wont be payable , as insurance says that you have to intimate each & every claim immediately .

Delayed intimation & multiple claims are not paid .

Either avoid small claims & get it done yourself or else intimate & get it done immediately from the insurance company .


3. Do you require FIR in each & every motor Claims ?

No , you don't require to intimate Police in each & every case , as it is required only in case of third party injury or property damage .

For self damages , you don't require FIR.

FIR has to lodged in case you had injured somebody or somebody 's property got damaged because of your negligence .


4. What happens if Doctor writes your history as know case of any disease ?

Doctors ask your history at the time of hospitalization & it's a very common mistake that people don't generally check about the period of their preexisting disease & mention it casually or else some times even doctors writes down casually known case of ***** , but the problem starts from here . Your claim might get denied or delayed in proving that this problem came only after we have bought the policy .

Always check since when you are detected with a particular ailment & ensure that doctor mentions it properly .


5. If the hospital says they they are not in panel of health insurance ?

People mistakenly understand that if the hospital is not under panel , we wont be paid claim , ie not the scenario , it only signifies that you will not get the cashless facility , but you can surely get it reimbursed later on .

In smaller cases like Cataract , lot of small nursing homes operates ,but are not in panel , in these cases my suggestion is to go ahead with doctors you trust whether you might have to pay cash , which will get reimbursed later .


6. If you don't disclose all your previous hospitalizations?

Lot of times advisors just in haste of closing the case don't ask material facts about your health history & when later on its diclosed during hospitalisation , companies straight away not only rejects your claim , in lot of cases cancels your policy & now you are left nowhere .

So , always declare each & every hospitalisation , medicines or tests any course of mediaction done in past .


7. Are Laptops & Mobile phones covered under Fire insurance ?

No , Laptops are not covered under Fire policy , but you can addtionally cover them up through All risk Policy .

All Risk Insurance cover a wide range of risks. Infact it covers damage to or loss of property due to any reason whatsoever except for those specifically excluded in the policy. This cover is especially suitable for all kinds of portable devices are equipment. Since fire insurance is location specific and portable equipment can move anywhere within certain geographical limits, they cannot be covered under a Fire Insurance policy.


8. If you have not insured property under fire insurance under different names ?

Lot of times people mistakenly insure their Homes & offices under their names , without realizing that your property( Building ) might be under their family member or somebody else name ( even co's name ) .

Claims get rejected because of Clause of Insurable Interest .

We need to always check before insuring any asset, in whose name is the property.